A Gentle Little Nudge

Each day I do what I can. I think. I research. I breathe. I pray. I care. I talk. I listen. I learn. I accept help. Some times it feels just right. Some times it feeling incredibly inadequate.

Today I read an email from Brad Montague – The Enthusiast. Among other things he talked about a conversation he had with the astronaut Ron Garan. He told about a fascinating truth — if an asteroid were hurtling toward earth, NASA wouldn’t blow it up in one mighty burst. Instead they would gently nudge it onto a new course. Yes, gently nudge it.

Amazing, right?

But it gets better. His point — other than the remarkable scientific one — is that when we have asteroids hurting towards us — whatever those challenges might be …

It’s important we remember that the path of greatest possibilities lies in little nudges. It’s not the big, violent, showy acts of force. It’s the little acts of love. Daily. Over time. These are the things that nudge us towards better tomorrows.

Brad Montague, The Enthusiast Email 3/26/23

What a great reminder. Little acts of love, of thinking, investigating, experimenting, learning, trying, failing, trying again — daily, over time — are the things make a difference.

It’s true for most all things. Trying to learn something? Keep at it. Break it into smaller parts. Don’t give up. Take breaks. It’ll make a difference.

Trying to get healthy or strong? Small steps. Keep moving. Be curious. Learn. Be.merciful to yourself. Affirm yourself for your courage. Remember to stretch. Little by little — perhaps in increments too small to notice each day — you will get healthier and stronger.

Trying to think creatively to solve a problem or bring something new into existence. Try. Fail. Learn. Try again. Look at the little things. Celebrate the little things.

Breathe. Take and celebrate little steps. Engage in little acts of love, inspiration, creativity, courage, doing, being, resting. Daily, over time, they’ll make a difference.


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