Language of Encouragement

I read this:

“We speak a language of encouragement.”
(from the introduction to Creative Acts For Curious People by Sarah Stein Greenberg)

The language of encouragement. How cool is that?!

So, I made this:

I liked it. But it needed more. Perhaps I could add the language of encouragement.

I looked at it for a a bit. Then, I spoke the language of encouragement to myself. “You can do it. You are talented. You are creative. No worries. Take a breath or two. Test it out, and then go.”

So, I did.

It’ll be hanging in my classroom, as a reminder. Feel free to pop in when you need a reminder, or a phrase.

Let’s create a language of encouragement movement. Let’s develop and speak the language of encouragement to ourselves, our learners, our colleagues, our admins, our athletes, our families, the world. We can do it!


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