Big, Small, Both

A wise woman said “Sometimes it is easy to forget that the world is big and I am small. Humans don’t like to be small, because it is easy to believe that small is insignificant. — It is not.” I would like to shout out “Amen, sister! It is NOT!”

This month I did something big — I signed up for a digital 200-hour Wellness, SEL and Yoga Teacher Training with Breathe For Change . Then, I showed up for the first day of training. It felt big to even think of signing up. It felt big to show up the first day, and the second day, and to do all the work that we do on our own.

Every day there’s something that feels big. But each day, those who signed up keep showing up. We embrace the bigness as we share, listen mindfully, create space for one another, encourage one another, breathe, practice yoga, meditate, and find ways to connect.

Breathe for Change’s goal, and now ours, is to change the world — one educator at a time. Talk about big! As we prepared to begin, I felt a little scared, but also excited. Dr. Ilana Nankin the fantabulous and joy-filled founder of Breathe For Change said, “I like to call that scare-cited, like the first day of Kindergarten!” I laughed out loud. She continued, “The hardest part is showing up. You did it. You’re here! Now experience the magic!”

Here’s the magic I’m experiencing with B4C — and as I think about it, the magic I experience each time I show up to something big.

I feel small in comparison. I feel small compared to the mountains I sometimes climb; small compared to the expanse of the ocean ; small compared to the universe God created; small compared to the problems of the world. But, — and let me tell you it’s one big glorious magical but — I only feel small compared to all those things because they are so much larger than me. I am small in comparison but not in power, potential, and somehow, not in reality either.

I’m reminded of Mother Teresa’s idea that we do small things with great love. Small acts of presence, of listening, of hope, of joy, of truth spoken with love, of beauty, of courage, of kindness. Small acts of showing up as our best selves in the present moment. These small things are remarkably large, incredibly powerful, and full of possibility for fantabulous impact.

The reality is we are larger than we imagine, more powerful than we might know, more beautiful than we acknowledge — and at the same time still very small. It’s a mystery.

As I thought about this post, I had. a cup of tea.

Yup, small, but still able to make a difference in this large, beautiful, messy, miraculous life and world we find ourselves in.

8 thoughts on “Big, Small, Both

  1. As we traveled through those pandemic months, when i prayed, i could hear God replying, “stay quiet, stay small, live simply.” It is the mantra i’m carrying over, to post pandemic life.


  2. Love your meditation on small and big, especially these sentences:
    ” Small acts of presence, of listening, of hope, of joy, of truth spoken with love, of beauty, of courage, of kindness. Small acts of showing up as our best selves in the present moment.” Here’s to more focus on the small acts that can bless us and our world.


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