Who Am I As A Writer?

What an interesting question. At first my response was, “I really don’t know. I just write.”

But, on further introspection, nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t ever, or rarely, just write. I always write to understand, to teach, or to create the perfect moment. Often I do it to create a space of positivity, affirmation, encouragement, and hope, that can be returned to as often as needed.

Sometimes I do it for me. Sometimes I do it for others. But it’s always the same. It starts with an idea, or a need, and it moves forward through many iterations. It’s a lot like my art making. I do it for the fun of the experience, the process, the flow, and the product.

I write and create art to tell stories — for myself and others.

More and more I am discovering and experiencing the power of stories. I want to fill the world, or at least my little part of it, with stories of goodness, truth, beauty, courage, and kindness.

That is who I am as a writer, artist, creative. Heck that is who I am as a human being. Or at least, it is who I strive to be.

Here is a shot of the latest story I am telling myself, and anyone who needs to hear it.

There is joy and possibility even in the wonkiness. And amazingly enough, sometimes there is great joy and possibility. I am loving the wonkiness of the mandala — created purposefully — and I’m thinking of working on a series!


11 thoughts on “Who Am I As A Writer?

  1. YES! I love this… “passion and joy even in the wonkiness!” I’m a lot like you. I write to fill a need – often to process or to make understanding of the bigger questions in life. At other times, though, I write to share sweetness and bring joy to this world. Thank you for sharing your words.

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  2. I write to let go, to self inform, to reach others…I join you in your quest for creatvity. w/o words there would be a disconnect between the amazing mind and the beating heart,and even the gut (our second brain). We write to live fully.

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  3. I enjoyed reading your reflection about your writer identity. Your mission to fill the world with stories of goodness, truth, beauty, courage, and kindness makes the world a better place and your readers better people. I think that the writing for oneself is equally important.


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