Hope and Create

Recently, I received an SOS — an invitation to be part of a group of bloggers making and experiencing magic by sharing our stories. I love their idea that “the magic of story happens when a story is released into the world and it wraps around someone’s heart.” Fantabulous, isn’t it? I hope this bit of my story wraps around someone’s heart bringing a sweet song of hope and peace.

Sometimes, being is difficult, because life is difficult. That is not to suggest in any way that being and life are not glorious, mysterious, and wonderful. They are! But, sometimes, there is uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and pain, amidst the glory, wonder, and mystery, and that can be burdensome.

This year has had some wearying moments.

I have an incurable — but totally manageable — form of cancer. I am well, I really am. I am strong, brave, beautiful, fantabulous, and very loved. And yet, sometimes, it gets the best of me. It has been becoming more active over the last few years. And that, as well as how it makes me feel – fatigued, sometimes ill and unsafe — has been hard to manage.

Did I mention wearying? Yes, I did. Part of me whispers “It bears repeating — weary.”

But even for the weary there is hope. I love Pope Francis! Listen to a few things he has said recently about hope.

“Hope does not disappoint!”

“Do not be afraid, do not yield to fear: This is the message of hope. It is addressed to us, today. These are the words that God repeats to us this very night.”

And not only hope, but creativity as well.

“I’m living this as a time of great uncertainty. It’s a time for inventing, for creativity.”

I am doing my best to breathe, and to live the words Pope Francis speaks to me, and to us. Let us live in the moment, even in uncertainty — with hope and creativity.


9 thoughts on “Hope and Create

    • Thanks, Jojo. Sometimes I feel so un-powerful, but I think I’m seeing a lie vs the truth – or perhaps more correctly I’m giving so much weight to the weakness I feel, that I am blinded to the strength that is in me. The truth is, even when I am weak I am strong. 😀


  1. Hi Molly! I’m glad you shared a little sliver of weary life and a big offering of hope. Your mixed media art is exquisite. For many years I’ve fought to believe that Hope isn’t a liar. Your collection of quotes & your story proves Hope is a “good guy”!
    I’m so glad you joined us!
    Shine on,


    • Thanks, Ruth! As I began to write, the weariness occupied a greater portion. But as I wrote, I realized the weariness is large and sometimes overwhelming, but it is not the fullness of story I want to tell. Weariness is tough, but hope, hope is amazing, and I am nothing without hope.

      I hear ya, Ruth, and I stand in that fight right beside you. Thankfully, I’m believing more and more — even as I weep and experience angst — hope is the truth and our birthright. All else is a lie and steals something from us.

      So glad you like my art! 🙂

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  2. Molly — I think your comment slipped through SOS Magic without getting approved until just now. I’m so sorry about that! You’re “in” now…so no more delays with your comments being seen by all! 🙂


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