Favorite Time of the Year

There are a lot of awesome times and moments each year. This is one of my favorites.

Finger knitting has begun.

They are SO into it. And, I am SO into them being into it!

I love their joy, enthusiasm, determination, and willingness to help each other. And I love being present to experience, document, knit with them, or help when needed or asked.

Those are my feet in the 3rd photo. Smaller and less central to the action than their fingers, hearts, and brains, but present none-the-less.

I love the image, and the reality.

I am present. I am still me. But somehow, they have become larger than me. Their agency, their work, their presence, is strong, beautiful, and grand.

As I’m writing this, I’m feeling that I am not adequately explaining this experience. I have written, deleted, thought, written again, deleted again, and written once more as I try to more cogently describe the reality of these moments in time.

I have gotten closer, but still feel I fall short. It is as though there is something magical I just cannot express. And yet, it isn’t magic. It’s us.

Hmmm … perhaps that’s it. 

It isn’t magic. It is us. And yet, we — and our relationship and interactions — are extraordinarily marvelous, and delightfully fantabulous. I will continue to think, to write, and to re-write. But, for now, I will embrace the magic that is me, that is them, that is us.



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