Seized by Curiosity

I was just reading a great book, and laughed out loud — with surprise and delight — when I read this line:

… but then, curiosity seizes me: How is it possible ...”

Say it to yourself again. “But then, curiosity seizes me!” Isn’t that a remarkable thought — to be seized by curiosity? Lots of images of curiosity seizing me flooded my mind  — images of what it might look like in reality, and what it might look like with curiosity anthropomorphized! At first I just chuckled and thought, ” I love that!”

But then, struck by the power and pleasure that comes when one is seized by curiosity, I thought. “Geez, how often do I make space for curiosity in my life, and in my classroom?”

So much is wound up with curiosity:

  • surprise
  • wonder
  • dreaming
  • questioning
  • thinking
  • trying
  • searching
  • being immersed
  • intensity
  • freedom
  • agency
  • interest
  • desire
  • a beginner’s mind
  • possibility
  • joy
  • inspiration
  • awe
  • time
  • opportunity
  • learning
  • discovery

I like it all — curiosity and all of its richness, needs, characteristics, and possible outcomes.

I want more of it — in my life, and in my classroom!



4 thoughts on “Seized by Curiosity

  1. Molly – was just thinking about curiosity as being the thing that saves me and keeps me going. When I think I’m just too tired, too irritated, too bereft of inspiration – I will read something or see something or hear something that will catch my imagination, and I want to know why? how? when? where? what? And curiosity sweeps me off in a wonderful direction and changes my mood to one of hope and creativity. Thanks for reminding me just how important curiosity is in EVERYONE’S life!


    • My pleasure! I love the depth of dry-ness in the idea of being “bereft of inspiration” — and then the possible wealth and glorious ocean of inspiration that follows curiosity! 🙂


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